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Summertime is Almost Here! Tips To Keep Your Energy Bill Low When Temps Rise

May 29, 2015 by Direct Energy Business More Posts by Direct Energy Business

Summertime is Almost Here! Tips To Keep Your Energy Bill Low When Temps Rise  Summertime is almost here! But don’t let the rising temperatures mean rising energy bills for your business.  The infographic in this blog offers a few easy and simple tips to follow this summer so you can potentially keep your costs low, even when the mercury rises. 

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Categories: Energy Savings

Nest Features Highlighted (Part 2): The Nest Leaf for Small Businesses

May 28, 2015 by Stephen Girard More Posts by Stephen Girard

The Nest LeafSummer is on the horizon! But don’t worry small businesses- this doesn’t have to mean a spike in your energy cooling costs. Energy costs account for a big chunk of operating expenses, but managing those costs doesn’t have to account for a big chunk of your time.

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Categories: Small Business

Gas Capacity Issue Front and Center in New England

May 27, 2015 by Chris Kallaher More Posts by Chris Kallaher

 While the weather continues to warm up in New England, for energy policymakers the events of the past two winters are still very much in the news. 

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Categories: Natural Gas

Weekly Energy Market Update: May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015 by Tim Bigler More Posts by Tim Bigler

Below is the Direct Energy Business Weekly Energy Market Update video for May 26, 2015. We embedded this video right into the blog post, so you don’t have to leave this page to view it. 

This week, Tim Bigler, Direct Energy Business Energy Advisor, discusses: gas commodity prices and Eastern U.S. power prices increasing with gas commodity. 

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Categories: Energy Market News

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